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Panel with Leonardo Vieira and Wilson Calmon

Yesterday, December 6th, happened the panel about innovation and leadership with Leonardo Vieira, founder and CCO of Tractian, and Wilson Calmon, partner and director of CBL. The event leader and mediator was the Associate II, Bruno Rigamonti.

To introduce the event, the leader presents his briefing: "The trajectory of Wilson Calmon and Leonardo Vieira resembles the story of Hank Rearden, a fictional character in Atlas Shrugged. Just like in Ayn Rand's book, these entrepreneurs were able to analyze reality, understand which would be the necessary paths to innovate in their sectors, and much more than that, they became references that the discipline of execution generates fruit not only for themselves, but for all the society around them".

The central theme of the talk was innovation, where the speakers exposed a little of their trajectories and experiences in creating or investing in start-ups, young and innovative companies. Besides, they talked a little about the companies they are part of, exposing relevant data. Leonardo ended his speech with a striking phrase that served as inspiration for the associates: "Innovation happens. You have two options: lead it or witness it." - Alan Kay.

After the speakers' presentations, there was a moment of questions and answers in which the speakers interacted with the associates, through Bruno. Besides the exposed data, several pieces of advice were given by Wilson, with his greater experience in the market and in life.

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