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Closing Event of the Year

Yesterday, December 12th, the closing event of the year took place, in which the current board of directors rendered accounts of the 2022 Work Plan to the associates. In addition, we had a moment for the evolution of the Associates, the presentation of awards, and an extraordinary general assembly for the election of the 2023 board of directors.

The event began with the presentation of goals and results of the current board, which is composed of Lucas Mendonça, President of the Institute, Michiel Bassul, Institutional Director, Caio Ferolla, Financial Administrative Director, Larissa Gaspar, Training Director, and Danniel Benevides, Project Director and responsible for the Liberty and Democracy Forum of Vitória.

After that, there was a moment for the evolution of the associates with the delivery of certificates, in which 10 people graduated as Alumni Associates and 4 people received the title of Honorary Associate, the most prestigious degree and that is given to those associates who contributed in a relevant way to the Institute.

A long-awaited moment was the awarding of the trophies, which in total were 5 categories: the Felipe Hibner award, given to the Associate who had 100% attendance during the year, the Bill Gates award, given to the Associate who delivered all reviews on time, the Ludwig von Mises award, presented to the Associate who delivered the most corrected articles during the year, the double your profits award, given to the group that sold the most ILAshop products during the Forum and the award given to the group with the best book presentation of the year.

At the end of the night there was the election of the new board of directors 2023, composed by the members: Gustavo Ribeiro, Jéssica Prata, Luiz Henrique Stanger, Vinicius Cadete and Yuri Corrêa. They presented a summary of their goals and expectations for next year!

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