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Training Cycle

Ciclo de Formação

The formation of the Leaders of Tomorrow Institute is organized through its Training Cycle. Each member has a minimum trajectory necessary to evolve in the four stages of the cycle, spread over three years, to be able to become an alumni or honorary member.

The training cycle is constituted in order to stimulate the development of leaders, by distributing study of literary works (theoretical knowledge and reflection), textual production, publication of opinion articles (influence and dissemination of ideas) in addition to mediation and presentation of events (oratory and eloquence).


Associate i

Associate Ii

Associate IIi

Honorary member or alumni

Reading Cycle

The annual reading cycle consists of 12 works, which cover concepts related to, amongst others, the areas of philosophy, leadership, management, politics and economics.

All books include an ordered list of readings suggested for further study by associates who have already read the main work. They also have a radar diagram that indicates the alignment of the works with the areas of education of the Institute. The production of reviews in the deepening works counts points for the ranking and is valid for the training cycle if the member has already sent a review of the main work in another period.

Books of 2023

The six lessons, Ludwig Von Mises

The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism, Friedrich A. Hayek

The Leadership Pipeline, Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter e James Noel

Skin in the Game, Nassim N. Taleb

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand

Good to Great, Jim Collins

Zero to One, Peter Thiel

The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle

1984, George Orwell

O Chamado da Tribo, Mario Vargas Llosa

Why Nations Fail, DaDaron Acemoglu e James A. Robinson

High Output Management, Andrew S. Grove

Shoe Dog, Phil Knight


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Lectures: monthly lectures for members and special guests of the institute, covering various topics involving political, economic, social, philosophical, and managerial content.

Courses: holding short courses as a way to complement the business training of members.

Book Study: at every beginning of a two month period a work is selected and indicated for prior reading. At the end of the period, a meeting to discuss the work and survey the main contributions to the values, mission, and vision of the institute is held among the members.

Simulated Jury: holding a debate on a controversial and current topic, through the dynamics of setting up prosecution and defense boards. This activity has as its central purpose the debate and analysis of everyday themes from different perspectives.

Summer Seminar: holding a seminar in the first semester of each year, aimed at higher education students, regardless of educational background to discuss topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, market economy, among others.

Winter Seminar: holding a seminar in the second semester of each year, aimed at regional and national entrepreneurs, as well as the general public, to discuss a central theme to be chosen annually by the members of the Instituto Líderes do Amanhã.

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